• I'm An Atheist But I'm Not.... (Part 1 of 3)

    Part 2: Check out The Non Believer's channel here: Support the channel: To support via paypal, use my Follow me on Twitter: [Read the full story]
  • Todd White - The Love Of My Father

    ➢ facebook: ➢ twitter: ➢ instagram: ➢ facebook: ➢ twitter: ➢ instagram: ➢ calendar: ➢ conferences: ➢ text-to-give: text 'lifestyle' to 77977.... [Read the full story]
  • Angry Unfunny Biracial Man Claps Back Against Whites

    Original video: Patrick's response video: Atheist Roo T-Shirts! .... Support the channel: To support via paypal: My twitter: Thank you to my patrons without whom... [Read the full story]
  • Alex Kantrowitz on Twitter

    “Zuck recap: 1) No longer an atheist 2) Will visit every state 3) Hires Obama 2008 campaign manager 4) .....”... [Read the full story]

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